10 Chapel Street TR18 4AJ Penzance, Cornwall
01736 332185


Name: Zoe and Julia, Owners
Actions To Date:

  • No plastic carrier bags
  • Paper bags on demand only
  • Wrap goods in old newspaper instead of bubble-wrap
  • All stock is second hand so nothing comes in wrapped in plastic
  • Use wooden or cardboard boxes to collect stock
  • String and cardboard tags
  • Card vouchers in paper envelopes
  • Staff behaviour – all aware of shop’s plastic-free stance and refill and reuse.

Proposed Action:

  • Looking at how they can label albums differently
  • Keeping an eye out for different protective covers for albums

“We do everything we can. We tell everyone we are trying to go plastic free and we promote bringing their own bags, because we sell albums and, particularly if it’s raining, they want something to protect it. So then we have an issue. We have a few donated plastic bags but we’d never buy any and we want people to bring their own.

“Every one we mention it to all appreciate what we’re trying to do and no-one complains. I just say ‘We haven’t got any bags – we don’t do it’. We do our best, but there’s still a way to go, like labelling the albums and the covers. There’s a massive revival of vinyl so it needs to be thought about.”