Ssh! 1

Ssh! Simply Second Hand

4, Old Brewery Yard, Penzance TR18 2SL
07868 225966


Name: Sharon Skinner, Owner

Action to Date:

  • Replaced plastic price tags with safety pins & ribbons, which are reused.
  • 10p charity donation each time a customer brings their own bag.
  • Hiring glasses for events instead of using disposables.
  • Swapped to cafetiere for coffee instead of single-use pods.

Proposed Actions:

Looking into a cost-effective alternative for packaging when sending items bought on eBay.

“The ethos of the business is all about preventing clothing going to waste or being sent to landfill, so it seemed right to take it a step further and also look at the way plastic is used. Although I’ve always tried to be as environmentally conscious as possible and given paper bags instead of plastic ones, as soon as I got thinking I did realise there were areas where I could improve.

“Recently, I’ve started to replace the price tags, which used to be attached with plastic, with safety pins and ribbons. Although the initial outlay is a bit more they will be reused time and time again so I am more than happy to spend extra. It also looks much nicer and doesn’t leave a mess on the floor!”